Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS came out 4 months ago but it still is worth to talk about. The 3DS has 3D features without using any glasses. It also has AR features. AR stands for Augmented Reality. It has 3 cameras. 2 in the front and one to take a pic of yourself. You can change for 3D to 2D in a switch of a button. You can also upgrade your 3DS to higher upgrades. There is also a Nintendo Shop for downloading old classic games to play in 3D. You can also get videos from the Nintendo Shop. It has an extension stylus so you can make it longer or shorter. You can only play 3D games if the game itself was created in 3D if it was the games you played before in the old DS's you can't play 3D games. You can also record sounds like the DSI! What are you waiting for go buy one now!

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