Saturday, September 3, 2011


Hi, my name is Brandon Foo. On this blog you'll see new gadgets like phones, games, and anything that is electronic. I will post 3 times a day. Hope you like my blog. Also Check Out My Families Blogs such as and Well have a good day everyone! Peace Out Suckers


  1. Hi my dear Brandon,

    U really caught me by surprise. Wow! Ur blog seems fantastic and certainly I'm so proud of u too. Keep up to this blogging world.

    Kor Kor

  2. great blog son, you are well on your way to become top blogger like your grandpa. keep up the good blog.

    By the way, dad isnt too sure about the iphone 5 you had posted here as there are lots of rumors out there but i m sure the new iphone will be stunning and definitely lots of people will camp out all night just to get their hands on a new iphone.