Friday, December 9, 2011

Nokia Lumia 710

This new nokia phone just hit the market! It can now be bought in Taiwan but in a few days it will be expanding all over the globe! It is also a Windows Phone so start saving up! Unless you want to buy it....


I am so sorry readers! I haven't been writing for a long time because I live in China. Blogger is blocked here..... So i had to try and get a VPN..... I'll try my best to write every day and if I can't I am truly sorry....

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

iPhone 4s

iPhone 4S

So a month ago, I said that iPhone 5 will be coming out but I was clearly wrong because it's going to be a iPhone 4s. I know some of you might be upset about this but don't worry iPhone 4s is kinda cool. For instance it contains a dual core A5 chip that makes it way faster, the camera is 8 megapixels and can videotape 1080p, it has a voice recognition thing,Siri, that can answer your questions and can remember things for you, and lastly it can withstand the power of iOS 5. I don't know if i changed your mind into buying it but if i did leave a tiny comment saying how.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Deskpet Robot

This little tiny robot may be small but is a hell o fun! Well firstly you can control them with your smartphone. You can charge it by using it usb port and charge it  with your computer. I know I want them!! Watch the video down below

Nikon Mirrorless Cameras

When I first saw this article, I was like what mirrorless cameras! Well these cameras will be shipping out in October and you can get one for +$650. The focus speed will be amazing for these awesome new cameras.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Inkling Pen

Wabcom has created a new future, digital pens. Whenever you draw or write the wireless receiver gets everything your drawing and writing digitally. Then you plug it into your computer and do whatever you want with it. 

Gaems G155 Mobile Gaming Station

The G155 supports Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles. Just strap in your choice of console then your good to go. All you need to do is plug it into a TV and your all done. You can take it anywhere you want as log as that place has a TV for you to plug it in.

S3 Krypton

When I saw this I thought of Superman! You know Kryptonite? Anyways. This amazing laser can be seen 85 Miles away. This laser is 8000x brighter than our perceived notion of the Sun. There will be safety goggles with each purchase. It wont start a forest fire, right?

Personal 3D Viewer

The personal 3D viewer is created by Sony and offers amazing 3D/HD viewing experiences. After slipping it on it feels like your in a cinema. The device uses a 3D dual panel to display an independent HD picture to each eye. It will be released in November. It will cost about $799.

Nokia Oro

Nokia Oro Premium Photo  Nokia Oro Review, Specs, Features, Price and Images

Nokia has a new smartphone.It comes with 720p video recording, 8 megapixels, and Symbian OS. On the outside its a gold color and on the back leather. The phone is scratch resistant coating 18 carats. Its going to cost  € 800 ($ 1,126) 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wii U


If you loved the Wii, You will love the Wii U! The controller has touch screen, gyroscope, accelerometer, camera and a motion detector. The Wii U will now be smaller and no longer be using your TV. You longer can swing the remote like playing Wii Sports and stuff. It will be released sometime late 2012. So keep your eye out for this new console. Will it be a hit or just plain boring? Write what you think in the comments below!

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS came out 4 months ago but it still is worth to talk about. The 3DS has 3D features without using any glasses. It also has AR features. AR stands for Augmented Reality. It has 3 cameras. 2 in the front and one to take a pic of yourself. You can change for 3D to 2D in a switch of a button. You can also upgrade your 3DS to higher upgrades. There is also a Nintendo Shop for downloading old classic games to play in 3D. You can also get videos from the Nintendo Shop. It has an extension stylus so you can make it longer or shorter. You can only play 3D games if the game itself was created in 3D if it was the games you played before in the old DS's you can't play 3D games. You can also record sounds like the DSI! What are you waiting for go buy one now!


ICE CREAM Android Phone ! This phone might release in October so it can compete with the next iPhone 5. So sorry for the censored parts, I guess the creators doesn't want us to see it all. Most changes are mild. The software is created by Google. Google creates software not phones.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A little Message!

Thanks for all the followers for helping me and encouraging me to do more! I'll also like to thank my family who gave me this opportunity and of course I would like to thank my grandfather for encouraging me to make a blog! Well Thanx To Everyone! Same schedule as tomorrow 3 articles and hopefully and extra! Check out my grandad's blog!"Grandad's blog"

Today's Extra: appBlaster iPhone accessory

appBlaster iPhone Accessory

So do you like playing games on your iPhone? Well now you'll love it because you can turn your Phone into a gun! You just have to attach your iPhone to the gun and have fun with it! This accessory is only available for the Alien Attack game! So whatcha waiting for download the app and start working it!

Imerj Dual Screen Android Smartpad

Phones, Phones, Phones

Yes, I know what your thinking why did someone glue 2 iPhone together? Are they stupid? No! You are stupid  because this is clearly not 2 iPhones. It's a Imerj Smartpad!It has a camera and can record videos up to 720P! It has no SD card slot for extra storage but it ca hold up 36GB - 128GB. It currently runs on Android 2.3 but I will not be surprised if there's an upgrade! What you waiting for go buy one!

Dual Screen Spacebook!

Dual Screen Laptop

Well, Finally, Its here. What's here? You didn't hear? Hear what? A new notebook is on sale now and it has 2 screens so you can multitask! Really?  Really! Its like having two computers but doesn't take that much space. It has everything like any other laptop but has 2 screens! Go buy it while there are left!
gScreens Dual-Screen SpaceBook

Vizio XVT3D6SP Series TVs


Wow.... A smart TV! It has internet services, 3D features, OnLive Gaming, and you can also use your Android Tablet or Smart Phones to act like a remote for you! Awesome ain't it! Well go buy it now!

PSP Vita


Sony Playstation Go didn't go the way they expected it so they are now creating a new PSP! It will have touch screen features, dual cameras, better graphics, 3G support, dual joystick and full body maneuver which means you can move your character by moving the console itself. Well its should be out late 2011 or early 2012! So get ready for a change for our future!

Xbox 720

Hmmm.... Xbox 360 + Xbox 360 = Xbox 720! OoOo :o !  The team who made Xbox 360 are planning to make a new Xbox called Xbox 720! This is just a model of how it might look like! Its still in rumor-mode but it might happen!  So lets just wait and see but I highly doubt it that it will be here by next year!                                       


I am Sorry!

So sorry I didnt post yesterday so today ill post 6 times with one extra! Keep Checking Back For More
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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Extra: 3D Vaio Laptop

Have you ever watched a movie and thought, Hey That Would Be Awesome In 3D! Now you can with Vaio 3D Laptop! You can change a ordinary 2D Movie into an Awesome 3D movie. Well go buy one now! I've seen it in action and lemme just say that its amazing and fun to play with! Imagining playing Resident Evil on it and shooting a zombie's head and seeing the blood explode but IN 3D!

Binoculars Cam

Binoculars with cameras........... Cool! Guess what? What? It can record Full HD and 3D videos. This will be great if you are recording nature films. For example, flying birds in the sky, ants carrying food, and of course ELEPHANT STAMPEDES! Yes! You can take a video of that without being trampled by a humongous elephant. So Go Out And Buy One Now! 

Playstation Phone?

This is not what I think it is right? This is exactly what you think it is.... You were thinking this was a phone right? Yes. The playstation phone. Exactly like a PSP but is also a phone! Isnt that amazing?
You can call your friends and also play the exact games like on a PS3 or PSP! Go buy it now! Its code name is "Zeus"! What does it think it is , a god?

Kinect Assisted Mirror

This magic mirror will tell you daily news and also give fashion tips when you brush your teeth or comb your hair. There might be automatic lights and even a scent dispenser to freshen up the bathroom. Pray for this awesome mirror, Pray for it like you have never did before. For this awesome mirror, I wont mind staying in the bathroom for ages!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Boogie Board LCD Tablet

A tree-friendly writing tablet without using a pencil or waste any paper.All you have to do is use the stylus and sketch or do math problems. You can even save them and put them in your computer for safe keeping. This is one easy tablet that doesn't harm the environment! What are you waiting for go buy one!

Daimler Smart Forvision

Wow what do you think this is? No its not a toy car! Its a solar powered car!  It has a a transparent solar panel roof to keep the fans running, see through dashboards and clear OLEDs for internal light at light. This is still a rumor. So we must pray, Pray for this awesome futuristic car!

AR.Drone Control


So there are some rumors going on about  the AR.Drone app on the android.. It will be controlled by the Android and the Quadrocopter flying around space. Doesn't that sound awesome? The price will be roughly 299 USD. Don't be a jerk go get yourself an Android Phone Now!

iPhone 5 Real or Just A Dream?

Well there's been news going on saying that iPhone 5 will be released next year but there's a really high possibility that it will launch this October. Am i the only one getting excited? Some rumors has it that there will be a pico projector. Awesome! They will also have new icons! Well when it comes out you'll know why you'll be getting one..


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