Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Imerj Dual Screen Android Smartpad

Phones, Phones, Phones

Yes, I know what your thinking why did someone glue 2 iPhone together? Are they stupid? No! You are stupid  because this is clearly not 2 iPhones. It's a Imerj Smartpad!It has a camera and can record videos up to 720P! It has no SD card slot for extra storage but it ca hold up 36GB - 128GB. It currently runs on Android 2.3 but I will not be surprised if there's an upgrade! What you waiting for go buy one!


  1. I love how you always make a funny joke in front of the article! LoL! iPhone glued together! No one could be that stupid!

  2. hmmm you have interesting sense of humor.

    Anyway I am not sure I like the design of this gadget regardless of the features.

    Why are you always getting people to buy stuffs?